Welcome Aboard for Awesome Football Chat

Football is no doubt one of the most discussed topics around the world. It is a hobby for some, a profession for others, an entertainment model for yet many more and various things to different people. One thing underlines the sport for all its fans though; passion.

In light of the furore which surrounds football, this website touches on some of the topics that live closest to football fans hearts. Whether one is a player, coach, fan, statistician or whatever, there’s plenty of excellent information on different sections of this website.

Football News

There’s never a single moment when a football isn’t getting kicked somewhere around the world. Still, outside the pitch, the action never stops. Whether it is banter between fans of different teams, analysis of matches which have gone by, previews for upcoming events or speculation about transfers, you will find it all in this section.

Premier League (PL)

The greatest football league in the world? Have teams from this region finally given an undebatable answer to this question? This and much more in the PL section.

English Leagues

English football is about more than just the premier divisions. In this section, there are details about these different tiers, how teams go through them and some of the ones which are currently dominating the various levels.

European Football

The continental stage is just about the most competitive front for European clubs. The Europa League and the Champions’ League bring together the biggest sides from the continent, and there’s never a shortage of drama when this occurs. Slices of all that drama can be found in this section.