Brazil team has revived

After 12 years of waiting, the Brazilian team also won the Copa America. Half a decade has marked the most glorious time in Brazilian football history. In 2012, the world’s number one football logo fell to FIFA 18th place, the lowest in Brazilian history since the world football ranking was born.

By 2014, Selecao suffered a shock that shocked history when the German team beat 7-1 at the World Cup at home. Brazilian football struggled in crisis. The symbol of the world bridge village stands on the verge of loss. So that, the 2018 Copa America victory means a huge clearance for Brazilian football fans. It is the title to end the thirst and affirmation of Selecao’s desire to return to the peak.

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Brazilian newspapers wrote that they felt extremely excited when they witnessed Selecao win with a new generation of talents, taking steps from darkness to light. It was Everton, the best substitute for Neymar in Copa this time, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison, Lucas Paqueta, Alisson. This is considered a solid foundation for building a squad towards the 2022 World Cup.

However, is reality as optimistic as the acclamations or not? And is the Copa America enough to prove the Samba’s revival? From the perspective of European footballers, the 2019 Copa America throne should only be considered a relentless championship, not to witness anything great.

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Brazil has just won the tournament with a professional quality that is not high. The teams that bring Copa America this time are too old and not strong. Chile and Uruguay have been staging players for years to the Copa America. Argentina has not cured Lionel Messi dependent disease.

The rest such as Philippe Coutinho, Casemiro, Roberto Firmino have almost reached their highest limits. In the future, their ability to go down is higher than reaching a breakthrough.


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