Man United vs Leeds – priceless film of history

The last time Leeds United appeared in the Premier League 15 years ago. The last time United’s name was on the top of the Premier League more than half a decade ago. Glory to both Man United and Leeds seemed to sink into the past.

Fortunately, in the recession of these two teams, the friendly match was held again so that the British in particular and the world in general recollected the heroic period, when Man United and Leeds were once considered pairs Fighting symbols for English football.

For many fans, the Manchester United and Leeds United matches sound strange. In the history of English football, people often refer to rivalry between United and Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool. Those are the pairs that represent the prosperity of a period of foggy village.

If hatred between Arsenal and Man United, Real and Barca, Bayern and Dortmund are created primarily by the element of glorious competition, losing to each other on the pitch, the history of hatred between Man United and Leeds begins from the beginning. in the 15th century, particularly after the most famous civil war in British history: the Rose War, among the supporters of the Lancaster and York families.

Man United vs Leeds - thuoc phim vo gia cua lich su hinh anh 2

Later, a lot of people believed that Man United and Leeds’ traditional colors were born based on the colors of the roses of Lancaster and York. Man United represents the red rose of Lancaster and Leeds with the white shirt of the York family. Now, few people call Man United the Lancaster team, but Leeds is still called the Yorkside club.

Starting from past hatreds, Man United and Leeds after becoming football clubs also spawned mutual hatred. Until now, the British press still considered clashes between MU and Leeds hooligan teams: Leeds United Service Crew and Manchester United’s Red Army are the most intense, brutal battles in British history.

While Bobby Charlton is Man United’s best offensive spearhead, his brother Jack is the heart of Leeds’ defense. Whenever MU and Leeds encounter, the reunion between the Charlton brothers is used to increase the spice.┬áThe excitement of the match between Man United and Leeds lies in the history flows just mentioned above. The match is formed by elements on the sidelines of football, developed by violence but more and more, it creates more and more valuable memories.

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