Man United is named among the most valuable sports clubs

In the list of the 10 most highly-rated sports clubs in the world, football is represented by three representatives, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester United. Leading the list is the Dallas Cowboys rugby club with a total value of $ 5 billion. To date, the Cowboys hold the record as the only team in NFL history to win 20 consecutive seasons. In addition to Cowboys, two other rugby clubs named in the top 10 are the New England Patriots (7, 3.8 billion USD) and the New York Giants (10, 3.3 billion USD).

The New York Yankees baseball team finished second with a value of $ 4.6 billion. Followed by Real Madrid ($ 4.24 billion), Barcelona ($ 4.02 billion). Man United played well, but the economic value was still high. Manchester United was valued by Forbes for $ 3.81 billion and ranked sixth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Man United

The remaining three positions on the list are representatives of the American Professional Basketball League. The New York Knicks is just a team in the east of NBA, but continues to affirm its position as a brand tycoon in basketball. Knicks ranked 5th with 4 billion USD.

The Los Angeles Lakers “giant” only ranked 8th with $ 3.7 billion. Meanwhile, runner-up NBA Golden State Warriors ranked last with $ 3.5 billion. A few years ago, Warriors was not named in the top 20 most valuable clubs. But a lot of success in the NBA helped the Oracle Arena team reach the top.

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Football is still a king sport, but is still among the top 50 most valuable clubs of Forbes. From the 11th to the 50th, football representatives are Bayern Munich (17, 3.2 billion USD), Manchester City (24, 2.75 billion USD), Chelsea (32, 2.58 billion USD) , Arsenal (42, 2.27 billion USD) and Liverpool (45, 2.15 billion USD). Half of the list is the club of the NFL tournament. The NBA contributed a total of 9 clubs.

During the 2019 summer transfer season, Manchester’s red half worked very well when successfully recruiting Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka. These are all potential factors for the rejuvenation plan of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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