Sterling on the road became legendary

The 2018/19 season has not ended yet, and FWA’s Best Player, Raheem Sterling still has the opportunity to impress in the FA Cup final, thereby adding to the season which is already extraordinary. In a recently published article, The Times journalist Rory Smith praised Raheem Sterling as one of Britain’s most important players in the 21st century. Mitch, the UK’s YouTube channel MC, compares Sterling. with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, that both have a low starting point but with talent, energy has won over prejudice, rose to symbolism, and legend.

For now, Sterling’s achievements are amazing. The 24-year-old star has just won the second Premier League title with Man City, and has won two important awards this season, PFA’s Best Young Player (British Professional Player Association) and Outstanding Player most of FWA (British Sports Pen Association). It is a reward for a player who has scored 23 goals, created 13 more goals in every arena.

Sterling là linh hồn trong lối chơi của Man City ở 2 mùa giải gần đây

This achievement is not phenomenal, because it was just a continuation of the previous sublimation season, when Sterling was also a key factor to help Man City devastate the records of English football, through 23 strikes. with 17 tectonics.

Back to the praises stated, Sterling deserves to look back at the time of 2017. At that time, Sterling was under great skepticism. He was described as a player who was overblown, and Man City was wrong when he spent 44 million to buy him back. It seems that Green Man’s leadership also thinks about it to consider pushing him to Arsenal as part of the transfer of Alexis Sanchez.

Sterling trên đường trở thành huyền thoại

So, how does Sterling reverse its destiny? There are many reasons, such as training sessions with assistant Mikel Arteta and support from Pep Guardiola, including psychotherapy.There is another reason, coming from Bernardo Silva.

“One day I went back to Northwest London and sat with a friend, suddenly he announced, Man City had just bought Bernardo,” Sterling told the Mirror. After saying that, the other boy would have expected a negative reaction from Sterling, but he was surprised when the Man City player thought the event was only positive. “Competition is the best thing for me,” Sterling said.


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