FIFA explained the incidents of voting for The Best of Messi and Salah

The World Football Federation has explained the voting incidents at The Best 2019 related to Mohamed Salah and Lionel Messi. Salah received only one vote from his hometown of Egypt in the race to win The Best 2019 and this contributed to his achievement of finishing fourth with 26 points, behind Lionel Messi.

It was this that made Salah feel irritated and he warned that he could withdraw from Egypt, after removing all related information and background from social networking accounts. The 27-year-old said he did not receive the respect and the absolute support from the captain and the coaches.

FIFA giải thích sự cố phiếu bầu The Best của Messi và Salah

An investigation is currently underway in Egypt, when captain Ahmed Elmohamady and head coach of the Olympic team, Shawky Ghareeb, revealed that they voted for Salah, but it was not actually included in FIFA’s voting list. announced. The only vote to be announced was from Egyptian journalist Hany Danial, who voted for Sadio Mane, Cristiano Ronaldo and then Salah.

The Egyptian Football Federation wrote a letter asking FIFA why it did not publish and counted the voting results of Elmohamady and Ghareeb, only Danial. And recently, FIFA has clearly explained the incident.

Các phiếu bầu cho Salah bị cho là không hợp lệ

The FIFA notice stated: “In the process of monitoring the votes sent by the Egyptian Football Federation (EFA) on August 15, we noticed that the signatures were written in capital letters and this was not. valid. In addition, these votes do not have the signature of the football federation general, a must. ”

In addition, FIFA also explained the incident of Nicaragua’s captain, Juan Barrera, declared on Twitter that he did not vote for Messi as FIFA data provided. In addition, doubts about the Sudanese coach, Zdravko Logarusic, said that his vote was changed also answered.

Accordingly, the screenshot of Logarusic’s voting ballot may be a photoshop product of someone else. His claims on Twitter have also been faked.


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