Bayern want to recruit Pochettino

The Argentinian coach received his first offer after being sacked by Tottenham earlier this week. According to Sky Sports, Bayern approached Mauricio Pochettino shortly after the manager was fired by Tottenham Hotspur. The German team wants to invite the Argentine coach to lead. Sources said the Bayern management appreciated Pochettino’s ability, and considered him a leading candidate for the head coach at the Allianz Arena.

However, most of the candidates mentioned above are not interested in the current Bayern head coach. Former Arsenal manager, Wenger even refused to become Bayern’s interim manager to become the Global Football Development Director of the World Football Federation.

Pochettino viết lời từ biệt các học trò trên tấm bảng sa bàn trong phòng họp đội Tottenham, vì các cầu thủ vẫn chưa trở về tập trung lại khi ông bị sa thải. Ảnh: Twitter. 

Bayern currently rank 3rd in the Bundesliga, 4 points behind leaders Borussia Monchengladbach. He recently appointed assistant Hansi Flick as interim manager. However, if Pochettino accepts, the Argentine coach can take over Bayern immediately. According to Sky Sports, Bayern must act urgently in the context that Real also wants the service of coach Pochettino.

The Spanish Royal Club sees the Argentinian strategist as a future target, in case Zinedine Zidane leaves.

On November 20, Pochettino was fired by Tottenham. Less than 24 hours later, the English club announced the appointment of Jose Mourinho as a replacement. Mirror said the compensation that Pochettino and colleagues received up to 19.6 million pounds. Pochettino alone received 12.5 million pounds.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pochettino

For decades, generations of leaders have sought to change the position of the team by recruiting top stars, missions named Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klinsmann … as a typical example. But in the end, they still lagged behind the big names, and never seemed to get out of the shadow of a half-season challenger.

Before 2014, Tottenham had only twice participated in the 22 Champions League seasons – details confirming their poor position in the eyes of rivals. Then, everything changed when Pochettino appeared. “He really helped the team make a big transition after many years,” Tottenham legend Gary Lineker said on Twitter, as a leading BBC commentator.


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