Wonders of football

In December 2007, Kaka won the Golden Ball in Zurich, Switzerland. Kaka’s speech was also noticed by the elite.  There have been great players before, but now new elements will begin to make history.

Kaka seems to be aware that his career will reflect the rapidly changing nature of world football. Kaka is the last great player of the football era of continuous coverage and pre-social media era. He was also the first player in modern football to win everything.

Kaka is one of eight players who have won the World Cup, Champions League and the Golden Ball. In other words, Kaka is the “8th wonder” of the old football world. He is said that one of the Wonders of football.

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Kaka was very close to the prospect of not becoming a professional footballer. At the age of 18, his career was threatened with a spinal fracture and potentially paralyzed in a pool accident. However, his injuries miraculously recovered after only a week. Meanwhile, tactical vision and excellent passing skills have turned Kaka into a modern “No 10”.

Before the 2002 World Cup, Rivaldo, a legend of Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, commented on Kaka: “There is a young talent in Sao Paulo named Kaka, the player playing behind the striker 2 people. Please pay attention to this name if he is chosen.”

Kaka’s opportunity at the 2002 World Cup, the tournament took place in Korea and Japan. It was only a mere 25 minutes for Brazil to win 5-2 against Costa Rica in Group C. Although that, he ended the tournament as a champion.

The following season, Kaka was recruited by the 2003 Champions League champion, AC Milan for € 8.5 million. Kaka immediately conquered coach Carlo Ancelotti with talent. He kicked the man Manuel Rui Costa onto the bench with speed, superior tactical vision and table tennis skills.


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