Unable to cross out MU name from the championship tournament

Liverpool’s silence in the 2020 summer player shopping market makes many football fans worried. Because Chelsea, Man Cityor Man Utd are active strongly.

Not shopping as much as Man City or Chelsea, Liverpool is still rated by John Dykes as the most dangerous team in the Premier League. When a club has won the Premier League with 18 more points than the team behind, we must pay respect to them.

Entering the new season, Liverpool still retains the framework that helped them win the championship. Therefore, the possibility of this team declining or playing poorly is unlikely. Last season, I saw Liverpool’s problem in the Christmas and New Year period.

That was when this team almost won the Premier League soon. The cards brought back to Anfield field played very well. Currently, Liverpool still has a very strong squad, and I have no doubts about the quality of this team. The fact that they spent the “humble” summer doesn’t say much.

Not only Liverpool, Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa can create difficulties for any team in England. I am sure everyone knows or has read the articles about Coach Bielsa’s Leeds playing. This is a team that has uniformity in all three lines, always pressing violently and being very uncomfortable. But Liverpool is a strong team.

They have the ranks and qualities of big names. And remember to represent the Merseyside region as the new king of the Premier League. Regarding the match between Liverpool and Leeds, I think the visitors will have a lot of trouble. Because, they don’t seem to have a truly dangerous firepower. This team still lacks sharp attacking players.

In my opinion, clubs will be affected a lot this season by the Covid-19 translation. Moreover, the schedule for the 2020/21 season is very dense, making it difficult for teams to turn players around. So, I believe there will be many surprises.

Regarding the race to the championship, we cannot cross out the names Man Utd and Chelsea. If these two clubs have a few more recruits, they will have a strong squad and can challenge Liverpool.

Author: editor386

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