The Most Famous Derbies in English Football

English football contains some of the most fierce derbies in the footballing world. The stadiums are filled with an exciting atmosphere created by both sets of fans. The venues ring to the sound of chants from fans giving praise to their clubs. Both teams try to maintain their pride and make their fans proud, thus making the derby fierce. Here are the five most famous derbies in England.

Merseyside Derby

This is a derby match between Liverpool and Everton. The rivalry has existed since a split occurred and led to the formation of Liverpool FC. Both clubs undoubtedly have a rich history in the Premier League and try to maintain their status. Their matches are often unpredictable.

London Derby

Arsenal vs Chelsea has turned out to be a hotly contested match which certainly lifts the atmosphere in London. It has turned into a game that determines which club is the pride of London.

North London Derby

This is a derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The derby started after Arsenal moved to North London which was Tottenham’s home. The derby is never short of drama on the pitch.

North West Derby

This is the Liverpool vs Manchester United derby. The two famous cities are only 35 miles apart and have been competing in the industry for over a century. They are also English football’s most successful clubs. There is so much rivalry between the clubs such that no player has moved between them since 1964.

Manchester Derby

Manchester City was regarded as the noisy neighbour by Manchester United until they became Premier League title contenders. Both teams are very competitive and use a lot of funds in their transfer activities to have competitive squads.

English derbies can also be looked at in the form of rivalries in Scotland and Wales, where the Old Firm derby (Celtic vs Rangers) and the South Wales derby (Swansea vs Cardiff) are hotly contested.