Norwich Leads 2019/2020 Premier League Promotion Race

The English leagues finally came to a halt with some clubs having success, while others had an apparently unlucky season. Cardiff City, Fulham, and Huddersfield were the three teams in the Premier League who were relegated to the Championship. With three slots up for grabs in the Premier League, two spots have already been won. One place still remains as four teams battle it out in the playoffs.

Direct Ticket for Norwich

Norwich City won the Championship and got direct promotion to the English Premier League. This will mark their return to the top flight after a three-year absence. The club appointed Daniel Farke as their head coach in May 2017 and have since changed their style of play. The club hopes to spark up the EPL with their fast-paced, possession-focused brand of football which is an aggressive style of play. They will look to keep Teemu Pukki to help them in scoring goals.


Sheffield United was able to put away the threat posed by Leeds United to take the second position in the Championship, thus having a direct promotion to the Premier League. They will be participating in the Premier League for the first time in 12 years. They will hope to continue with their style of football and maintain their strong three-man defence.

One place in the Premier League is still vacant, and four teams in the championships are battling out for that it in the playoffs. Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa, and Derby County are all fighting for a place in the Premier League in these hotly contested matches. Aston Villa is already ahead of West Bromwich Albion on penalties.

Leeds United is yet to play their second leg game against Derby County. Leeds go into the game with an away-goal advantage. The remaining place is currently still up for grabs as only West Bromwich Albion has been knocked out of the playoffs.